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November, 2007  ← Previous EntriesNovember 28, 2007By: admin Category: Improve search engine placementNo Comments →Various news sites are reporting that a malware attack was deployed in the last couple of days, apparently based entirely upon black hat SEO tactics. Software security company Sunbelt blogged about how the attack was generated: a network of spambots apparently added links into blog comments and forums pointing…



…to the bad sites over a period of months in some cases, enabling those sites to achieve fair rankings in search engine result pages for a great many potential keyword search combinations. The pages either contained iframes which attempted to load malware onto visitors machines or perhaps they began redirecting to the sites containing malware at some point after achieving rankings. Sunbelt provided interesting screenshots of the SERPs in Google:(click to enlarge)



And also showed some screenshots of some of the keyword-stuffed pages which apparently got indexed:(click to enlarge)I think its not at all a coincidence that the attack was timed to occur right on the first weekend of the holiday shopping season and Cyber Monday when more people are likely conducting keyword searches than any other time of year. Deploying the malware now was likely intended to infect as many computers as possible before the malware was detected and the sites deleted from listings.