Let Your Users Change Variations

By admin / June 23, 2015

As of today you can log into Google Maps and move the markers so they are in the right place. Unless the business owner or resident has already verified the location. Before you get the bright idea to move your competitors storefront to a dead end, know that anyone can report abuse and changes are logged.



Before long Google will let you edit more than just the location. Youll be able to modify business information or add other details (which Google hasnt detailed). Google has more features coming, such as:


Sketchup/3D Warehouse, which enables users to contribute texturized3D models directly to Google Earth


My Maps, which provides users with easy-to-use mapping tools for sharing local information with other Google users


Improve process of submitting reviews in Google Maps



For more information please see our Lat Long blog post (and video!) at: http://google-latlong.blogspot.com/2007/11/think-globally-mark-locally .html



True story: I just left my first Google Maps review last night. Yesterday I went to a hair salon in Salt Lake City and at first didnt have such a great experience (my hair turned out a bit brassy). The owner called me and I went back and they fixed everything and now I have the best hair ever Im a happy customer. I noticed it was tough to find Salon O in Google but they were in Google Maps. Make an internet marketer happy and she will tip you with extra search engine listings!