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Of course there are other services such as Amazons S3, and Mozy, all of which I have experimented with and liked. The actual technology isnt that complicated ” unless of course you want to do live, multiple-user backups of open databases such as Outlook mail files, which the CEO of Mozy once described to me in an interview as a non-trivial task (thats computer engineer talk for really hard).



So will Google just play catch-up, or is it planning to offer something extra? Will it be a game-changer for Microsoft, as Henry Blodget thinks it will? Geeks everywhere are waiting with bated breath.Comments



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Too often, companies “approve” SEO only to treat it as a one-time hit, or a short-term project. Months or years later, when they asked someone else to “do” SEO for them, it is discovered that the company had laid none of the basic foundation for SEO, and it is clear that even the implementation was done incorrectly. Unfortunately, no follow-up or long-term measurement plan is in place that would catch this. In today’s SearchDay, “SEO Expectations and Commitments,” Steve Haar offers some guidelines for those who approve SEO to know what to expect, and what’s expected of them. November 28, 2007By: admin Category: Improve search engine placementNo Comments →Google wants to be sure Google Maps are accurate and detailed. Upkeep on Google Maps would otherwise be a nightmare, so Googles letting you help. If you see a location that is off (like your own house or a store) you can fix it. After all, you know where you live better than anyone else.